Technical questions

One of the main reasons why you could fail to open a deal in a trading platform is typing in the investor password instead of the trader password. Please make sure that you enter your trader password in the authorization form.

Another common reason that makes it impossible to place a trade is a too high trade volume. It means that a free margin in your account is not enough to open a deal. There are three ways to deal with this problem:

1. Reduce the volume of the deal you would like to open.

2. Choose a higher leverage ratio. This can be done right from your Client Area by selecting from the left menu Account Settings > Personal Information.

3. Top up your account with more funds that would be sufficient to open a deal of an intended volume under the current leverage level.

Particular attention should be given to the error “The trade context is busy” that may occur when you attempt to open/close/modify an order. This error message means that you have tried to open a new position while the previous request to open/close/modify a position has not been processed yet. To settle this trouble, you can either wait for your previous request to be processed or restart the trading platform. This error occurs on the client’s side, not on the server.

In the event of high volatility in financial markets (for example, during the release of crucial economic news), you may encounter multiple requotes (i.e., the server offers you a new price other than your request) when trying to open/close a position. To avoid such situations, you can check the “Enable maximum deviation from quoted price” option in the open/close order window. Setting a particular value allows the system to automatically open a position at a new price if the deviation of the quoted price from the one requested does not exceed that defined by the trader.

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